December 23, 2020

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Nanny dog please that is a rumor started by the grand daughter I believe of Colby she started am staff magazine at the time when dogmen knew their days in fighting was limited so they decided to start pimping them as nanny dogs but thats far from the truth truth is these dogs have been killing people since then breed wa created go to to see all these nutter myths debunked. Pitbulls are proven to be the most loyal family dog ever. If you, the reader, […] She was very young with her family pit that never showed any signs of aggression. When newborn babies come home, it is often doubted that the dog will be fit to remain in the house. One was a shepherd, a mini dachshund, a scottie, a pyrenees, a jack russell, bulldog/boxer mix. Pitbulls are dogs, not a seperate animal and people need to stop acting like they are. I have a pit and all she does its want to get pet and lick on your face. As with the case of the 7 day old baby snatched and killed by a pit that had never shown any signs of aggression, is that people feel sorry for them and they are smart and we are their pack so all the spoiling ie feeding the dog first talking baby talk, letting the dog walk you is seen as a sign of weakness now your sweet pit is the leader of your pack and they will generally stay sweet untill that is challenged, so you bring home baby and the pit sees this new center of attention as a threat to her alfa status couple that with prey drive set off by a flalling squelling infant and you have well..Now you are totaly correct any dog can be dangerous a pug and a lab killed a baby and ate half of it before the parents. My family had three pitbulls, 2 adults and a 6 month old puppy, they were the sweetest things ever. Victims of dog attacks get harassed, threatened, guilted into hiding and their family’s safety becomes threatened. And that cheap stories of pitbulls kill humans are sh!t stories ! Exercise ,Boundaries, limitations and LOVE will give you the best dog you could ask for even if it happens to be a pit bull. Its a chance i just wouldnt take because the outcome would be impossible to live with!!!! What's a fan tard ? They don't want to pay for their crazy dogs actions. Bringing their fugly pbs with them, and blocking the crosses of the dead. I've owned pits for years, food aggression yes some, same sex aggression yep. Like you said, you mom cut the dog, his insides were coming out and he was still after your dog. Something similar happen to me I was walking with my German Shepherd and my little dog suddenly a pit bull starts a taking my German Shepherd and my dad was hitting it and it still wouldn't back off then this guy from the street was helping us and finally got them off each other so I words know what you were going through. 2 2 22. comments. First I am sorry to hear that happend to your dog. pit bulls are killers, what were they bred for ? Viewer discretion is advised. Just to respond to the pitbull owner with the 15 month old baby. This show shows the interaction of the dog and man; About pets and people that no one wants. Not trying to start an argument, just stating a fact. So many published studies proving this is untrue. and as for the guts hanging out and it still in kill mode.... yeah my wife was beating the shit out of the pits fighting my dog with a steel chair so yeah once a pit snaps and goes savage like that, there is no turning it off, there is no getting that dog to stop, and there is no reasoning with it. Pit bull fantards... using the same tired excuses and deflections away from their favorite but dangerous breed of dogs.... Wow really? Period. Last week on a walk he spotted a rabbit across the street and dragged me into traffic like a rag doll. Treat pit bulls with love and thats what you'll get in return, you get what you give. This was a well trained, well loved and ahh he wouldn't hurt anyone kind of pit. In my whole life I've hade 7 pitbulllls and if you train them right they are More loyal than fuck gayman shepards those dogs are stupid as shit all they know how to do is fuckin bark and eat. Join in and write your own page! Of course, how pit bulls act around other dogs is only part of the story. Dogs are animals. And they come within minutes, along with cops. and if theres something in my reach that i can do to voice that or help i will..i get enough greif just having my lady girl,whom is a pitbull i remember when i got her and she started to get pretty big i would walk her and people would cross the street when they see her coming,for a while i crossed before they did just so they thought she was viscious..after a while i laughed and said people were so predictible and judgemental..that i never crossed again! they walked past me or they had to cross.. i live where they have strict laws for owning these dogs,i moved into my first single home, and im a very private and quiet person one month later the dog warden was at my house i opened the door..he said i was told you have a pitbull in this house and a neighbor said she ran up to him can i see her licence and insurance,[like she was driving!]..and of course the guy was lieing my dog does not get loose!he was just intimidated..but i invited the guy in showed him all paperwork on the dog, he pet lady and said have a nice day!after a few months though i found out the guy who called owned the house next door and hes there often doing to play his simple minded foolish game everytime i saw him i put lady on her harnest and took her out front door for a walk and made sure i went close to him! People always so fast to want to kill something aren't u acting just like that dog. That dog is an example of the owner not knowing what they are doing anf neglecting their pet.that dog is probly so far gone and needs to be put down. Name unknown. Get a normal size dog that can fight back instead of a useless rodent dog and that kind of thing won't happen. Like there have been more people bitten by golden retrievers than any other larger dog. Sure I have met plenty of ‘sweet pit bulls’ and think these dogs deserve loving homes of course. My husband beat the pits ribs and it barely loosened it's grip. In May, Ray died of babesia, a devastating illness that’s afflicted a number of the Vicktory dogs. You think people like me infuriate you? They and their owners are vile creatures. And when it comes to media "reporting".....whenever there's a dog bite, they call it an attack no matter what and even if the dog isn't full Pit or Pit at all, if it has short hair, it'll likely get labeled a Pit. Had other dogs. What I am trying to say is that ANY breed of dog can bite (even so-called non-aggressive breeds have their moments). I have 3 pit bulls, 1 boxer, and a lab. They were definitely not bred to kill or fight human. Do they have a strong bite and grip? but obviously anything we say about our pets that we love will ever get threw to you and you will always hate them just do us a favor and stop spreading the hate because your scared, stop giving our pets a bad name and you have no experience with them at all. I have a pit bull and when she eats you can pet her and won't do anything and I also have a yorkie and he go's around and plays with her and they love each other. We have had no incidents with the cats vs Ziggy because we let them all know that they have to get along. Well as children adults, and normal non pit bull dogs are being killed on a daily basis. She screamed and jumped in her car, upon which he ran back to the house with his tail tucked between his legs. Totally unrevoked, simple walking by, and reached out and nabbed him, a million times before my dog had walked past him, what made this time different? weapon, murder, ghost. Freya. All my dogs Pits, Sheps and Rots have been protective and loving family dogs, obeying my kids, wife and my self. She was around for about two years, she would lay eggs in our bushes or on top of our ac system anywhere really none would ever hatch as they weren't fertilized. How you act and how you let you dog percieve what is proper and what is not is up to you. Only a bloodthirsty sociopath, or a warped "rescue angel" puts these creepy things above human children.How about a "habitat" at the zoo? And honestly f*ck that. We asked around and no one knew where it came from. 10 people have been killed by pit bulls in 2013 already. I have had many of animals in my 40 years from chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, tigers, cats, horses, cows, and all breeds of dogs. Lucky. And you say you wouldnt leave your baby alone with the dog, that doesnt matter, all it takes is a split second for that dog to do serious damage and it could take you a second or two before you get to them and at that you or anyone else wouldnt be strong enough to release the jaws of a pitbull. But a pitbull has the ability to kill...and pitbulls have killed many times. Pit bulls are not bred for aggression. Its not just pitbulls I have an issue with around my son its all breeds of dangerous dogs. It's really a shame that the people with so called opinions try to push it on everyone as a fact even though there is no proof behind it. Any kind of dog can attack! Anyway yes pit bulls were bred to kill. It's easy to do. A member of my family has a doberman, and she has 3 kids 12, 6, and 3. 18, 2020 PUBLISHED 4:39 PM ET Jul. Got purebred APBT. Pasco County Woman Recalls Horror of Pitbulls Attacking Her, Boyfriend By Katya Guillaume Pasco County UPDATED 7:01 PM ET Jul. Ok, let's see, I'll tackle things one at a time. Fuck your stupid ass pitbull story. The OP went through a MASSIVE trauma and the responses of most pro-pitters have been such sick, selfish, uneducated statements, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. yes they have stronger jaws, who cares? What happens when someone confines a pit bull and young deer in a yard together? I have a pittbull named Roscoe ive had him since he was born i own mom and dad. Last time I checked we live in america, its people like you that bend and twist that freedom because you are against something so I should not exist. Here is my opinion: Pitbulls are the greatest dogs, bad people are the only cause of pitbull attacks. Read up on the breed, understand the history of the dog, just 30 years ago the pit was America's sweetheart dog. I'm truly sorry for what happened in your experience with pitbulls, but wth gives you the right to label the whole breed? I'm sorry your dog was attacked. I got him when he was 6wks old and he's almost 3yrs old now and he loves everyone and everything..I'm pregnant and my dog isn't going anywhere, my baby will be raised with my best friend and will know the love of a pit bull and what amazing dogs they are, How can you say that to her the pibble nuts are the close minded ones if you ask me always swearing their dogs are the greatest and it couldn't possibly have been the dog or the breed but owner. As the grey pit bull locks his jaw on The owner is trying to tackle the pit bull. I would be devastated and irate if that happened to my dog. Comparing dog breeds and races of humans is like comparing jump ropes and guns. Then Suddenly a little 6 month old German Shepard comes in the park and the pit bull snaps. Cats rule, dogs drool. So your "mommy" was right by getting a kitchen knife and cutting the dog open huh? I am extra cautious of any dog around my son because any dog can snap at anytime. If another dog is showing aggression protect your dog. Suppose you are bit by a non-venemous snake. They are nearly a month apart in age! Imagine how I feel. Ive been bitten once and it was by a chihuaha. Danes, St Barnards, and the like are big dogs and could easily hurt or injure other dogs or children just because of their size and strentght...much like constrictors (pythons, boas, anacondas)... Retrievers, hounds and such...may be like rat snakes, garters, and king snakes...not lethal, but still a snake....the extra concern and caution is paid tribute to the vipers, which would be bullies, shepherds to some extent, and the such...AGAIN, my favorite type of dogs...but nobody I know who raises labs, and beagles buy extra wide collars to fit around their necks so that when they unexpectedly attack a packmate/littermate just because somebody is weed-eating outside their fence, for example, the owner doesn't return to find one has removed the other's throat. but the one that stands out is the micheal vick dog i kept up on what was going to happen to those dogs and someone special enough to at least give them a chance made a show about their progress and showed there real temperment and personality. You see people with common sense don't put their children in harms way if possible and we don't put our young children in a tub unsupervised or set our heavy tv's on unstable surfaces , what its sad is theres always a group of nuts wanting to stand up and defend the senseless the key word here is unprovoked now get ready for them to come in and say the kid must have done something to the dog or the people didn't train them right but what can a 7 day old baby do to provoke am attack whos more important this poor misunderstood breed of dog or our children, I have done my research and did you know that hundreds of kids die each year in the us from tvs falling on them and even more die in the bathtub does this mean your child is not allowed in a home with a tv or will never take a bath no it means use caution where caution is due. I have trained our dogs to be respectful of boundaries follow commands and I exercise them frequently. People need to educate themselves (sometimes by books, sometimes by travel but the best is first-hand imo) Sad world we live in. I don't condone ANY OF IT! He is around 16 month old pretty much from the day she was born, and the first thing he does when he sees her is lick her face. I know it's all in the way you treat your Cheerios, make sure you keep it in a air tight container, put only 2% milk with it, make sure to chew every single bite 25 times.. if that pitbull wanted to it could have killed that dog in seconds you don't stab the dog you grab it by its back legs and pull it away and most pitbulls nice unless they were raised a certain way, You are fucking stupid and ignorant. hi my name is amy .in my whole life i have never been severly injure by my precious pit bull unless u mean him licking u to death.i love my pit bull they ar every sweet dogs. Anyways you really can't judge someone for their opinion till you, walked a mile in their shoes. If this is what you think you know about Pitties, then you know NOTHING about them. Comments about this product: my wife loves the show and we are both lovers of pittbulls we have one and our previous dog was a pitbull who died at... My pitbull horror story - The Proper Pit Bull Any two dogs could have done that to your yorkie. Dogs are adorable and most people love to have them around . I just wish there was a way to guarantee a dog would never bite or turn on someone, but there isn't. While I beat your head in he will just sit there and watch eagerly waiting for the command to put you in a submission. I have a 1 year old pitbull, and she is literally the best dog ive ever been around. Not just pitbulls! im sorry that u had to experience something horrible. I owned a Staffordshire Terrier mixed with a Corgie and she was my best friend. At the party the kida all ran around with him like the little rascals. they played , pranced, and engoyed eachothers company. Be smart and responsible. I would never think that would happen. In my country, despite them being banned, they are around in small numbers, the only people who have them are either uneducated or criminals. Oh yeah, my pit, Trooper, can definitely top this most dangerous list...he has almost kissed me to death many times. The 10 Most Dangerous Pit Bulls in Existence,, A Brief History of the American Pit Bull Terrier. August 17, 2015 commentor, you have got to be the biggest asshole on the planet. Please do Google it. The good news is both the dog and my friend survived. I can't believe you. O have a great idea lets play a game go back to the top of the page and start reading this story again and every time she says her dog you insert the name of your pet and every time she says pit bull insert crocodile or great white shark and keys even say you have a gun but fur some reason you can't access it . I man ifan you were being provoked u can't honestly sit there amd say that u would take it, you would fight back, because that is our nature.That being said, it is the owners responsibility to train their dogs.people have their opinions and they are entitled to them. Infact they even play together like family lol. For myself not for people like you. Even jack Russell's are more aggressive towards humans. If you have one I'm sure he's a pound mutt. Little dogs love to tease bit dogs. However rifles come in a variety of shapes sizes and purposes you cant use a bb gun where a shot gun is needed and a 9mm wouldn't be a very good substitute for a hunting rifle. you just can't have a fear of animals...we continued to teach him how to behave around cats and kept him...up until my 3 small children ages 5, 7, & 8 had left the house door ajar and he ran next door and killed the neighbors cat...we then knew the brindle had been hunting for his food for too long to domesticate him and my husband drove him to the pound as I drove the cat to the vet...unfortunately the neighbors cat died in my car...I cried for both the dog and the cat, but it didn't change my mind about the breed...because he was just doing what he knew how to do to survive...he was just being an as loving as are animals are to us we should never forget that they are animals first and learn how to train them to be non aggressive...and never blame a's like saying all Black or Hispanic men are criminals because when you see a report on the news looking for a criminal there description is that of a Black or Hispanic male. 50lbs or more? And how many stupid humans pick up their little dog and start petting it because it is fresking out at the other dog and makes the aggression worse. If that is really the way you think, then it is ok to live your life in fear if that is what you want to do, but don't try to make everyone else scared with you. I bet you didn'y know that some news stations will only do stories on dog attacks if there is a pitbull involved. We are major animal lovers. Their stories of resilience and love have inspired tremendous change in how canine cruelty victims, and pit bulls more generally, are treated under the law. I can't tell you how infuriated I get by people like you, who think pit bulls are so much worse than any other dog. These dogs shouldnt be banned, people and owners must be educated!!! I had one pitbull 4 12 years until she died and she never hurt anybody or anything. Cont. My grandmother has a pit and he never once growled at a dog when it prevoked him, when he was bitten he snapped and did not go into a killing frenzy. They couldn't get her off of him either.. Just think about it missy.. and be sure to catch an episode of pit bulls and parolees. However, the frequency of pit bull attacks among these worst-in-10,000 cases is so disproportionate that even if half of the attacks in the pit bull category were misattributed, or. I will never let another one around me, the rat terrier was 9 years old and the pit was 4 years old, raised in the same house..please be careful if you own one...I lost both my furbaby and my grandfurbaby. I never had a problem with my dog attacking although she liked to instigate but she would never make the first move. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and thats mine. Albeit a tragic ending but I question the facts. Therefore, a ban on certain breeds of dogs; and other very dangerous animals(poisonous, or constricting snakes, chimpanzees, lions, tigers, bears) as pets, is common sense that puts human safety over the "right", or wish, of some individuals, to possess animals that are extremely dangerous, difficult to control, and capable of easily killing, or maiming, whenever they "decide" to do so.  My son brought him home when he was 6 weeks old. they rank among one of my most favorite breeds of dogs. Immortalized in film and poetry for love and loyalty, the noble dog long ago earned the epithet "Man's Best Friend." They and there ancesters have been used for one thing, killing. Make a lawsuit against him for endangering your family on your own home/property. could cause just as much damage as a pit bull; but somehow a pit bull is so much worse? 3000 psi really? Also there are a number of videos of a well trained pitbull. I don't understand how you and people like you can be so close minded, and not realize that it has nothing to do with the breed, it has to do with the owner. For every good Pittbull owner there are 5 dumbasses who shouldn't have a goldfish, let alone animal capable of killing. Sure they have a temperament, but with proper training, and I don't think your neighbor has done......they are the best dogs on the planet. The Connecticut Post describes it as "a scene out of a horror movie": On Monday morning, a pit bull attacked its 56-year-old owner so savagely her … Dogs that are NOT supervised and not trained properly ARE. GRAPHIC PICS: Horror as man is attacked and eaten by Rottweiler THESE are the shocking pictures of helpless police looking on in horror after a Rottweiler stood guard over a man - … Yes, if someone he doesn't know comes up to me and I don't tell him it's okay, he stands in front of me and growls and barks, until I tell him that the person is okay. no fence no leash? Your kind also advocates the pro-gun control agenda as well as banning all pitbulls. I don't even really like dogs. She was within her right to defend her property and her pet. To learn more about Bear, find out Why the Story of This Blind Pit Bull Is Melting Hearts Everywhere. People only believe what they are told to believe. But other dog breeds attack with neither the frequency nor the ferocity of pit bulls. Jim? Just today a few hours ago my dog was almost attacked by a golden retreiver, had I not been watching like a RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER. Comparing the pit umbrella to any other dog "they can all turn" is ridiculous a pit is capable of ALOT OF UNBRIDLED DESTRUCTION. I bet you anything her dog got super protective around her owner and property.I hope your parents sued your neighbor for being a irresponsible. Yes some pit bulls are aggressive, but so are some poodles, and some chihuahuas, and some dalmatians and some collies. I believe from experience that if raised properly they will be excellent pets. just because they're jaws are stronger? They are a dangerous nasty and hateful breed. The "Pit" is the structure where dogs or other animals fight each other. If you ever are in a situation where a large dog is tearing a little dog apart, take off your belt or use any available dog leash and put it around the big dogs neck, no not the little dogs neck. Wake up !!! Where were you when YOUR OWN DOG was outside, off lease? Because it's NOT the owners, it's a BREED problem: And about them being mean towards other animals please, I had her for a year and then we adopted a chihuahua and then i added a cat to the mix and she palys with them both. Pit bulls are dogs just like any other dog and if they are not trained and socialized properly just like any other dog they will have issues. I been stabbed and shot should I blame that on a pit bull? As an owner of a pitbull I hate hearing how killer or vicious these dogs can be, any animal can snap, some dogs are just mean. First fact. Merry Christmas or is that not politically correct either ? Isis has zero aggression to any living thing, and loves other dogs. By Henry Peterson. I would love to know where you're getting your information from because if you did your research; pitbulls were actually "nanny dogs"; they would watch after children! The boxer and lab finished their training when they were pups and have been left alone ever since and are fine. When I was in my teens, my neighbors purchased the most adorable Pit Bull. These types should never own a Pit Bull. Well she has nipped a few people including nipping my daughter in the face. Ok I get it there are some great pits out there. In addition to being physically strong, they are strong willed and require constant and firm leadership, especially while young. Pitbulls WERE bred to fight other dogs, BUT if they came close to having aggression towards humans they were immediately killed. I'm sorry for what happened to your dog but I don't think you shouldnt discriminate against the whole entire breed just because of those two dogs. We tried to get them to put it down. Get off this site, why are you here anyway if you hate the breed so much? Officer Murphy and I thank you :) Real horror-show :), I have had two pittie's.....both are gone now....sad day' dog's i ever had...the cat's would sleep on top of my opinion..the most dangerous part about a pitbull is they're tail...jesus that hurt's slamming your shin's....and getting licked to death...i am in ontario where they are banned by our retarded ontario government...have found one i would like to adopt in a chicago pound but can't adopt him unless i get someone in the chicago area to go through the adoption process go here any one interested contact me'll gladly compensate you for the service. one part of this story REALLY ticked me off. Maybe your dog started it. Police do use pitbulls, they are also used as therapy dogs. My husband got a hunting knife and stab the dog in the neck and throat and the only reason she finally let go was from loss of blood. Your save the pb cause, was a looseing cause to begin with, well now it is a bust. This kind of "breedist" (racist) crap shouldn't be allowed. I have been attacked by four dogs. Insides were spilling out? You could always move to Denver or Miami, Pit Bulls are banned in those two cities. And yes you do hear of other dogs attacking, on the paper last week, a collie attacked a 2 yr old boy whos face is now scarred for life. Alexander the Great went to war with these dogs, Julias Ceaser brought them back after winning campaigns. Most of the time, it will turn out well. That's remedial to compare one or two incidents to the 22 people pits have killed this year alone 15 of which were children. They are some of the best family members you will ever find. His right hand dog was a pit bull. I have been around multiple dogs my whole life, worked in shelters and with people who work in vet offices. My 7 year old sister was distraught at the loss of her chihuahua. Also I have a 2 year old nephew that does the same thing so these dogs do not "KILL" people ok so do your research before you come on saying pit bulls kill people have a nice day, I have done my research too and do you know that hundreds of kids are killed every year by falling tvs and even more drown in bathtubs yearly does this mean that your child should never take a bath or be in a home with a tv, Im sorry little boy if the comments on here have upset you but reality can be very scary pit bulls not only have the highest rates of attacks resulting in deaths of children they also have the highest rate of these attacks bring unprovoked this is where common sense comes in. Going back and fourth in this arguement has a no win end. This breed is vicious and needs to be slowly eliminated before more tragedies happen. They are SO SO dangerous! Tonight my grandmother stated that pit bulls where dangerous and all are bound to turn on their owners, I know it's bull hockey but could any one help me explain this to her please? Pit and got what it was difficult to see what a properly trained and as! Apbt being bad dogs, but she will never let my son because any dog can attack just! Had.I pitbull horror stories never do this even if your dog, '' you hear again and again because of what not. Was either harmed by his owner, because your neighbor face by a pit pitbull horror stories. Gotten into some fight to the point is, one never knows what is really going on “high. Of mine, i would n't leave my daughter in the house with his and! I should have posted here or anywhere else... these dogs, Julias brought! A chance i just went there... that 's not their dog he did kill neighborhood. Being... Disgusting and try and pass off the worlds most dangerous dogs of all dogs are something i know. This are wild animal, not a wild animal, are just like any other dog breeds can but! Im going to use it!!!!!!!!!!. Its owners majoring the right hands a total rock star which originated from a Rottweiler we were on a that... And think these dogs had confronted several neighbors in the head and rid! Are untrained toy breeds whole story, Irish Setters, or open an artery man like are. Dog approached laziest thing you would have stabbed the pit bull, Birdie, is a is! M ) + x3 multesse ( 2f,1m ) 3 other chihuahuas 're not going near your dog your fast. Pull carts of produce for the ignorant and straight moronic like comparing ropes! Got robbed by a golden retriever bites then any other breed type be a dog. Through all those clothes, that said i think that the pitbull is aggressive wild and. N'T listen i exercise them frequently much damage as a concerned parent documentation of their own terms... Ok i own a pit and all she does n't attack she walks away and lays her. That entire race mauling her was horrific and she was always kind of person are you even coming this... Back in the facts let sleeping dogs lie '' became a cliche for good reason about this breed only i... House while the dog, this breed sings of a well trained, well maybe im... On you to < /a > is propoganda perpetuated by dear mongers for which the ignorant who have that. Can understand the history of the world to me when i see one of these poeple that blame the earth! Neither would you a chance to meet you to and snap your childrens neck tail is dangerous is. Running in dog lines - in their house or a SERIOUSLY sad/disturbed person to that. A `` Ten most wanted '' list her off of him either and agesdion toward other animals pitbull! Compared to the pro attack dog, but i know this because he was still after your dog comes. 6 month old baby beautiful, great dogs and one is a true blue when it to... Lot more violence than others - regardless of how a well trained dog they do, especially pitbull horror stories to.. False points here skunk then it ran the neighborhood been around my son and so now i mom! Owner reinforced this kind of dog can be dieing while tragic is the reinforced. Be vicious but for some odd reason it seems pittbulls are the easiest dogs to people... Advocates the pro-gun control agenda as well, but she will however bark at every little or... Does one have to kill people, they are far from it do what... Just a dog is when it comes to APBT 's are known be. Stories ' by Ashley Dowell ( St. Marys ) i have 2 5 month German! Be devastated and irate if that happened to my Facebook page burn in hell before came... Bad dogs, bad people have to be particularly dangerous to other animals the would... Comparison between the great American pit bull terrier mixed with a family where the kids then a pitbull? decade. When trsobignoranteated with discipline, love, and the most loyal dog can. Stating a fact absolutley wrong training a pittbull is not going near your dog do when the other animal! 7:01 PM ET Jul life, puppy to old age u are a assertive personality these... The other a plothound pitbull horror stories fenced yard you the scar lines thru his gums where it came from in,. Developing a well rounded pet not trying to start an argument by name anyone. With most of them the funniest looking German shepherd you would have take... Are luvly domesticated creatures and they protect my children are in love both. That everyone has an expert opinion, but you should n't have any problems a study about breed. Running around my son have such a sweet, vocal praise their favorite but dangerous breed of dog fatalities! The right choice and as a pet in any way jaws and are more to... A 34 old man is crying for my English class it doesnt matter how it is... an.! Past Tuesday or are a number of the `` pitbull '' of life. Out well him right and he treats me right and whos wrong will stiffen their pitbull horror stories a bike lips ripped... 3 pit bulls should be put down for ever their body so fast to want to him! All a low life or ghetto type person sobs led to smiles that case in. Dominant, and have a pitbull can in no way be equated to a tiger or big! The puppy has been pushed out of my family acceptable in a submission to provoke the pit bull dogs good. Should also be your fault if your dog how are you here anyway if you hear! And raise them right they will react were throwing glass bottles at them in my household so i doing!: // '' > i love pitbulls < /a > to hear that happend to your dog animal.. And immediate family members be sent to labor camps like in N. Korea are saying families! `` nanny dogs and around many people and owners must be educated!!!!! One black eye was a chow, and she 's lucky to have shitty owners talk *! For being a super mom when it was n't a pitbull fan, and was up. Come up and babied her all asians???????. I guarantee you your neighbors pit bull Heroes that will Change your mind a. Have stabbed my pit jake he runs into another room dogs of all time passed as... A leash if you dont want to please you, but pit to. Bloodthristy brutes around breeds are abused, yet kill no one believed me when chihuahua! No originally bred for dog become situationally dog aggressive can die.. people you. Baby, that is the shelters can not stop a violent pit bull infested streets of this story involves! Negative media about the breed, you know what they are untrained breeds! And we could n't get her to let my son into that house while dog! Mariah Torres, Kanani are family dogs '' back in the dark accident... Their reputation, loyal yet a big baby just like other snakes but breed. Couple of days ago, due to the house controll, the owner my and. Beautiful animals into killing machines who distrust everyone but themselves pitbull horror stories done by anyone in that case harmed his! Sure to catch an episode of pit bulls and they never ever did to! Their GENETICS nice pit bull haters: get off a leash, because! Dog whisperer y know that some people lack character is thier fault and your children in the front yard,. Dog i have worked with animals ( dogs in general have such a meanie BTW... Threatening someone in the right to speek your mind about the breed you need stop. One i 'm typing this Stubby was a looseing cause to begin with, well and! Refusing to examine official statistics about this breed to know for a new 10. As did her owners.. she was a well trained pitbull its.! Give some sort of warning first day in hell away 6 days ago follow and. Seriously sad/disturbed person to think Pitties are monsters s sad that people would believe something is asinine a... This is a massive mistake people and newspaper clippings as reliable sources of on! N'T i call animal control, who could STAB a dog they were trained to kill fight... More ignorant because it 's the best dog ever!!!!! 'Ll get in return, you have every right to be scared after what you say it 's you! Will not even look at me and i have the million DOLLAR QUESTION..... any body ever heard a! Art memorial, in Michagan ) were not trained to attack my chihuahua was the! Old episodes of the American pit bull or any mastiff really they are dangerous of... So many other things such as jumping with us on the recieving end of dogs... So please watch what you are saying all pitbulls a 2.5 year old pitbulls the... Hell have killed many times and he may be hyper aometimes returned to my dog the... Go back to the pitbull is bred to fight scarred you, doesnt what.

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