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Here are 1970 Chevelle SS pictures including exteriors of hardtops and convertibles, interior photos including bucket and bench seats, and engine bays stuffed with 396 and 454 engines. With the absence of the 300 series, the lowest priced Chevelle for 1969 was the 300 DeLuxe 2-door coupe, priced at $2,531. It is what color? The next year, the Chevelle would get a new front and rear fascia — in 1967, buyers could opt for front disc brakes and a dual master cylinder. Frequently Asked Questions. var randomcontent=new Array() I have read on MCG and Chevellestuff, that an exact number isn't available, as the SS option was given to all V8 engines in 1971, as well as El Caminos and Trucks. Chevelle enthusiasts were greeted by the LS-6 with the fearless 454 V8. This car was built to race, 1/4 of a mile at a time. Q: How many L79 convertibles were built? How many Plymouth superbirds were ever made? Typically, when people chose the LS6 option, they had one idea in mind – drag racing. The base of this package was the massive 454CID engine, which produced 450 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 500 lb ft of torque at 3,600 rpm. A: There is no known breakdown of LS6 optioned Chevelles by body style or how many were sold with a 4-speed vs. the TH400 automatic, or came with optional gear ratios, etc. [email-subscribers-form id=”1″]. How many 1970 chevelles were made? (2) There were 24,946 Malibu/El Camino (Custom) series was equipped with RPO Z15 SS option and, of these, 5,333 were equipped … This was thanks to sheet metal revisions that brought a more squared style to the muscle car’s body. Chevelle enthusiasts were greeted by the LS-6 with the fearless 454 V8. in. # The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle remains one of the most popular muscle car models of 1970. Q: How many LS6 convertibles were built? Makes a great gift too! They also included a forged steel cross-drilled crank, 7/16 inch rod bolts, magna-fluxed connecting rods, TRW forged aluminum pistons, and 3/8 inch heavy duty pushrods, They took the setup even further with a 11:1 compression ratio and rectangle port heads with 2.19 inch intake valves. Everyone should check out your blog at to see your radical Mopars! Chevrolet Chevelle 1966 and the chevrolet malibu 1966 are the same? ... these models were equipped with the L-69 3×2-bbl engine. Design, layout and website photographic images were all created by WBD or submitted by readers and are not to be copied or distributed without express consent from WBD in writing. Photo (optional) Related Questions. We make no such claims here as to the real number of LS6 convertibles, just passing along the information. Total 1970 Chevelle SuperSport Production numbers: 53,599 – Z25 SS396 options ordered (51,455 base L34 plus 2,144 optional RPO L78 ) 8,773 – Z15 SS454 options ordered ( 4,298 base LS5 plus 4,475 optional RPO LS 6) An awesome combination of beauty and beast. This poster had production figures for 1968 to 1972 Chevelles and Dan breaks down the figures in a very unbiased way (mathematically) in an attempt to show how many of a body style might have been ordered with various SS and non-SS specific options; mainly which SS package, transmission types and cowl induction hoods for 1970 through 1972. They reported 8.4 MPG, but noted that it was a beast. When one tries tossing into the mix the M22 4-speed or the TH400 automatic along with the ZL2 cowl induction hood - especially considering the TH300 and ZL2 cowl induction hood were available on other SS396 & SS454 optioned Chevelles, those calculated figures become even more diluted. Part of the General Motors (GM) A-body platform, the Chevelle was one of Chevrolet's most successful nameplates. Power tops were an option, RPO C06one of which most people that bought convertibles checked off making the total number of power top cars 6,626, and manual top cars 896. 62,372 Total for the SS model . The 454 had a factory rating of 450 hp. 1970: 2,144 (18 w/L89 aluminum head option) - Chevelle: 13637, 13667, 13680: 1970: 600 - Camaro: 12437, 12467: 1970: 3,765 - Nova: 11427: 1970 - Total: 6,509 : L78 Total: 40,987 Standard equipment was basically the same as the Bel Air. Caveat: Briggs Chevrolet campaigned a 1970 LS6 Chevelle convertible on the NHRA drag racing circuit. 1970 Chevelle SS options included a 396 or a 454 cu. and will probably never be known unless I can register and document all L79 cars sold, which isn't in the realm of possibility for obvious reasons. In 1970, there were sheetmetal revisions that gave the Chevrolet Chevelle a new look. So the next time you see an LS6 (pick a transmission) with (pick a color) interior being sold as '1-of-20' or 1-of-{any figure}, etc. Driving an LS6 in city traffic is sort of like trying to walk a big dog – it does not like being on a leash. This grand total breaks down as 85.8% coupes, 2.1% convertibles, and 12.1% El Caminos. Performance Acceleration*: 0-60 MPH -- 5.8 seconds 1/4-mile ET -- 14.41 seconds @ 97.35 MPH Top speed -- N/A Webs By DaleCopyrighted © 2008-2021 - All Rights ReservedEst September, 2008,